Vera Sidika & Otile Brown Exchange Nasty Words On Instagram After Breaking Up

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2018)

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika have decided to take their break up to the next level by trying to expose each other for being a money leach. It all started with Vera Sidika posting a long video on her YouTube channel talking about how Otile Brown broke up with her since she didn’t give him Ksh500,000 to buy a new Mercedes Benz.

Otile Brown saw the video and Instagram post, got angry then went ahead to post this rant on Instagram:

Dah yani still in shock .. helped this psycho pay her Salon rent just the other day manze and I’ve Never asked for the money back even after I broke up with her .. sasa hizi ni aibu gani ndogo ndogo , is it really worth it?? wakati unajua sisi hukopana pesa .yes I asked for the 500k coz it was a random deal and I didn’t have the full amount at that moment and thought you would come through for me then I would return back kama vile unaniombaga na unarudisha , Kati yangu mimi na wewe nani ana Deni ya mwingine ??si I thought you have more money 🤷‍♂️.why do you always want to make me look small 🤦‍♂️.. you know I make money . You say thats the reason for the break up wen you know very well the reason is because you’ve been pushing me to get you pregnant and marry you. Then you go on social media and switch it all up saying am the one who wanted a baby. Who posts about babies all the time , ain’t you the one who has cravings ??? Real talk, Vera Sidika has a problem and needs help. She needs to see a psychiatrist…..I regret ever dating you na nimenawa mikono, and don’t think I’ll go back and forth with you …Mapenzi hayalazimishwi. Potelea mbali…. I really dint need that Benz that much btw but now I’ll get it just to show you I can!!! .. don’t act like you got money hauna kitu Ungekua nayo usingeshindwa kulipa rent .. And you can’t break me btw many have tried and failed Miserably you’re just more famous I’m more influential and you’re only popping when you associate with me and it kills and pains you when we are not together.


Vera went ahead to respond to this with a series of posts exposing Otile Brown with a series of screenshots of Mpesa messages and text messages. She posted:

When we broke up I was minding my BUSINESS! U came begging I had never called or texted u ever! I had MOVED ON!!! You left with my designer cloths. Versace sunglasses money and even crashed my Range Rover!!!!! Y’all Remember I pretended to be broke coz he asked for Benz money on the 9th of October and I had to play that part!
How on earth would I be broke and I spent millions on a watch – Audemers Piguet for my damn Bday. Stayed 2 weeks straight in Dubai in the tallest hotel in the world. plus u sent that money to me as part of the many occasions you have taken money from me. niggah siezi shindwa kulipa salon rent my friend. & u know it! You just disappointed u couldn’t get anymore money from me. You & everyone even knew so well I was in Dubai for 2 weeks! I just got back on 15th October so I wasn’t even in the country to authorize any payment. Second. You know my staff stole money from me that I had given them to pay for it! So that’s not even the question here. Coz I told u he stole money u single handled offered to send so it can cover for the money u been taking from me. I NEVER ASKED U FOR THE MONEY. THIS WAS DAMAGE CONTROL COZ U WERE WORRIED THAT I WOULD SPILL THE TEA ON THE 500k u asked for So u sent that knowing so well you gonna use it as cover up. 😂🤣These are just Afew of the Mpesa transactions there’s so much more. Let me gather them . Including cash for your music videos, money I been paying for clothes u design from your tailor. Mauritius bills. Money u asked me to send to your cousins numerous times. Paid for your recording studio sessions. Fed You. flights back from Tanzania even after fucking hoes u wanted me to paying your fucking flight back to Kenya!!!!! Hold on…

She then proceeded to add:

I wish there were Cctv cameras or evidence for cash so I can just visually explain how much solid money this idiot has been taking from me. Infact. I even have numerous evidences from his ex girlfriends who sent to prove he’s a leech and used them for money. He even crashed their cars that he used to drive around flaunting in them. Child. I have video and voice recordings of everything including your cheating scandals throughout the relationship. I wasn’t stupid. I had one eye open and when u came back. I knew why u came back.

On day 2 of meeting ….This man had saved my number as “VEE MAPESA”
If that ain’t a sign tell me what is!!!! If the women you have been sleeping with for money give me authorization to expose their receipts on their behalf as I hide their identity. I will.
I can’t even imagine how many girls you’d been carrying in my Range Rover.


She didn’t stop there. She kept posting more evidence to pin down Otile Brown:

Even that 75k he sent he was doing damage control! Cause he knew I would go talking about 500k he asked for. But this man has NEVER. I repeat. NEVER IN HIS LIFE SENT ME 100k. I swear on my mother.
The amount of cash I gave Mimi bado nadai. On top of it he got into an accident with my Range Rover that he stayed months without fixing and he refused to fix!!! This man only gets in relationships with rich girls for their money. His Tz ex left him coz of asking for money while he still cheated on her with some girls here and there. The other Kenyan girl from kileleshwa suffered the same. Including domestic violence in front of her 1 year old baby. He will fake love & ask you for money claiming he will refund 😂
Btw just last week he was begging a famous wealthy girl to go visiting him in his house. 😂😂😂😂😂
Oh you’re shocked huh. Yes she told me oo.
She was your next victim abi?
Too bad she saw right through you😂 “U went shopping in Dubai bought an AP & u claim broke” …clearly U knew I was playing u with the “I don’t have 500k” that’s why u got angry huh
Calling me selfish coz I didn’t give u money 😂🤣 WE ALL KNEW WHY U WERE BACK HONEY BOO BOO.

And that exact same car, Mercedes Benz C200, same color, how much was it again… oh, it was only 1.4 million , I will be buying it for someone else ☺️💅🏼 Just because

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