Vera Sidika Posts A Very Important Message To You All

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2015)

vera sidika

The queen Vera Sidika may have decided to subaru her biggest rival to the spot-light in a certain message about something they do on Instagram. When you read the words there is actually a very important lesson inside. Just check it out.

Don’t let INSTAGRAM fool you. There are people with only 5-10 likes likes who have plenty of friends. People with 1,000+ likes who are lonely as fuck! Couples who look so happy together, yet are miserable as Hell. People who don’t post pictures of themselves and their significant other, but are in a beautiful loving relationship. People who know each other very well but appear as strangers. People who are to their neck in debt yet live lavish Instagram life 😂 always remember that this is not real life.
Appearances are just that! Wearing a Mask wears you Out! The problem is that when they wear that mask for too long, they forget who they are beneath 😢
The most exhausting activity is pretending to be what you know you aren’t! You have to be real with yourself before you can be real with anyone else.

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