Vera Sidika Posts Videos Of Otile Brown and Her In Bed After Breakup Rumors Pop Up

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2018)

A certain blogging site angered Vera Sidika yesterday after posting a story that suggested that Vera Sidika had dumped Otile Brown after using him to “resurrect her dying socialite career”. The bootylicious socialite called bullsh*t on that story and went on a full rant on Instagram.

“How dare you have the nerve to claim I (with all my numbers & international recognition) is using a man for fame joke of the year. Bruh if that’s the case i’d be parading all the pics coz damn right that’s how it is when you wanna use someone right? I don’t even post nobody. Like how the f#ck mehn! y’all need to suck on some breasts coz y’all just thirsty,” wrote Vera sidika in part.

After the rant she went ahead to post a number of videos of her and Otile Brown in bed together half naked as they cuddled.