Why Vera Sidika Regrets Having The Breast Enlargement Surgery

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2017)

A couple of months back, Vera Sidika dominated the headlines after she revealed she had made her breasts bigger so as to improve her body image and make herself more marketable. This was after undergoing a skin lightening procedure.

Well in one of her recent Snapchat stories, she revealed that she is now regretting having the procedure done after reading on a number of cases where the surgery has gone horribly wrong. She wrote:

The rate at which women are flying to Miami for surgery is quite alarming..Miami is a vacation destination not for medical procedures. In fact, Miami and Dominican Republic are a NO NO for surgery. Be careful the world needs you.

I have had b**b surgery before years ago in Beverly Hills California. Paid a lot. Yes it’s more expensive but worth it cause you get qualified & certified plastic surgeons with over 20 years experience. 100% safe. Still ain’t proud of that move.

Today I regret having done my b**bs. In fact I even wanna get rid of them but listen, Y’all ladies rushing to Miami for surgery….learn to love yourselves. If u must, Miami ain’t the place. Hustle harder & go to Beverly Hills.

Some plastic surgeons in Miami just like Dominican Republic ain’t certified surgeons. In fact some are gynecologists practicing plastic surgery. How?!! Just cause it’s a booming business & everyone tryna make this money. Yo!

Everyone wants bigger b**bs and a$$. But guess what, so many big b**ty these days both real & fake that it ain’t fancy no more. I’m grateful God gave me b**ty, but lacked b**bs that’s the only reason I did it. I wanted to be proportional.

Such horrifying stories always make me regret doing my b**bs even though I had the best doctor. NEVER AGAIN. In fact, hopefully having my b**bs removed in Beverly Hills again. Someday soon. I’ll just stick to my natural tiny b**bs.

Right now I’m at the gym 5 days a week. Not missing a day! Tryna lose some of this a$$. Nothing fancy about a big booty anymore. U know how annoying it is meeting people & always paranoid that all they wanna do is just tap that a$$.

Here is the full Snapchat story