Vera Sidika Reveals The Difference Between Her Relationship With Otile Brown Vs Her Past Boyfriends

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2018)

It is now out in the open that Otile Brown is dating the famous socialite Vera Sidika and the two have not shied away from sharing their relationship publicly. Vera Sidika yesterday revealed one that makes her relationship with Otile Brown stand out as compared to the ones she had with her past boyfriends. She has always been in long distance relationship since she never dated Kenyan men. Most of her ex boyfriends were either from Nigeria, Dubai or United States so she had to stay for long periods without seeing them plus she couldn’t do anything random with them.

Vera’s relationship with Otile Brown on the other hand is a very close one. The two practically live together since they spend almost every night together.

Vera posted this on Snapchat: Just realized that long distance relationships are a handful. (Not that it’s bad). The feeling u get from a relationship with someone closer to you is different from a distant relationship being able to do random stuff whenever is a lot easier. I think I have been in long distance relationships almost three quarter of my life and forgot how it feel like to always have someone to lean on whenever. Without thinking of booking flights and get moody when the return date gets closer.

Some nights u just wanna show up at bae’s crib in ur police uniform, handcuffs and a whip (role play). Fuck it up & leave, come back, fuck it up & leave again. Such surprises r a process on L.D.rltshp. First u gotta book that flight.

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