Vera Sidika Reveals Why She Is Dating Otile Brown And Not Another Rich Tycoon

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2018)

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown have been dating for a couple of weeks plus have gone fully public about the whole situation. Many thought that the whole relationship was a publicity stunt that would end in Vera Sidika appearing in Otile Brown’s music video but that is not the case. The socialite has clearly stated that she has retired from being a video vixen.

“Its funny how everyone thought i would be in Bae’s new video. Cause they actually thought this relationship is just kiki for new music video then they realize thay this shit is real. FYI; i retired long time ago. I’m not a video vixen anymore,” wrote Vera Sidika

She also went ahead to state that she is genuinely in love with Otile Brown despite him not having as much money as her exes who were tycoons. She said she now prefers true love to money.

“Then when you get the money. You actually realize you missing something the true meaning of life. Happiness. Love. Care. Attention. Someone to rub yo back when tired from work, someone to always remind you how beautiful you are. That cute kiss on the forehead Every morning… There’s so many rich, successful single woman who r sad as fuck!!! Sometimes we think money is everything, until we realize it’s nothing, What’s the point of marrying wealth when you still feel empty and sad? Sometimes we deny ourselves real love cause of lust and hunger for material things…”

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