Vera Sidika Reveals Why She Stopped Posting Photos Of Otile Brown On Her Instagram Account

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

If you take a quick look at Vera Sidika’s Instagram account, you will notice that she just posts photos of herself and deleted any photo she had posted with Otile Brown. If you make a judgement from just that you may think she is a single woman. On the other hand, Otile Brown has a number of photos of himself and his girlfriend, quite the opposite of Vera.

When asked why this was so, Vera explained:

“One thing that people do not understand is that I do not post his pictures on social media. People have different ways of expressing or experiencing affection. He [Otile Brown] is the kind of a person, who would go all out”

Uwongo Mbaya , I miss my baby for real .. Nakupenda . Love you

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“I would wake up one morning; and while going through my Instagram page, I would see his posts about me. He likes to surprise me with such things. He is that kind of a person. That is his way of expressing affection, which is kind of different from my way. I have been in a relationship before, and I am always trying to be careful as well; I am not saying it [posting one’s lover’s picture on social media] is a bad thing. I am just trying to make sure that we are making the right moves; that we are not rushing into things.” 

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