Vera Sidika Set To Undergo A New Cosmetic Surgery After Her Last Two

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

Some time back social media personality Vera Sidika broke the internet after she revealed she had spent a fortune to bleach her entire body and was all over the news headlines. She was still not satisfied so later she decided to get breast implants  which she later regretted.

“Still, I am not proud of that decision anymore. Today, I regret the boob job. In fact, I even want to get rid of them, all of you ladies rushing to Miami for surgery should learn to love yourselves. If you must, Miami is not the place. Hustle harder and go to Beverly Hills,” said Vera Sidika.

She has now revealed that she is planning to go to the US in 2018 and undergo a procedure that will make her teeth shine brighter than haters future.

“2018…. New Teeth loading. Beverly Hills got the best Dentists. Quite Expensive but worth it. My teeth about to be brighter than haters future,” wrote Vera Sidika.

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