Vera Sidika: Success Isn’t Sexually Transmitted, Go For What The Heart Wants

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2018)

Vera Sidika was known for dating rich men from outside Kenya for the longest time and loved living the lavish lifestyle provided by the men. However, ever since she started dating Otile Brown, she has come out to share that all that didn’t make her happy.

She said that true love cannot be compared with material stuff and dating a rich man will not guarantee you to end up being happy or rich. She posted:

“Someone to make you giggle. Listening ear. Laughs. Jokes. Someone u can pull pranks on. That ultimate joy & happiness we all know money can’t buy! Coz trust me, I have spent over $50,000 in designer shops in 1 day. And that feeling can never be compared to the things I just described. Heck! I haven’t even unboxed my shopping boxes! Never even worn any of the items yet that’s how useless money is sometimes. But the memories u create with that 1 person you love; PRICELESS. I wish you knew,” shared Vera Sidika.

“Who said dating a billionaire makes you a boss? Nah. It makes you a gold digger if wealth and status is what you value. Success isn’t sexually transmitted. If you’re an independent woman, you’d go for what the heart wants, not the wallet”

There’s so many rich, successful single women who r sad as f**k!!!! Sometimes we think money is everything, until we realize it’s nothing. What’s the point of marrying wealth when you still feel empty & sad? Sometimes we deny ourselves real love cause of lust & hunger for material thing. Then when you get the money. You actually realize you missing something the true meaning of life. Happiness. Love. Care. Attention. Someone to rub your back when tired from work, someone to always remind you how beautiful you are. That cute kiss on the forehead every morning….’’

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