Vera Sidika’s Driver Accused Of Hitting A Lady With Her White Range Rover

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2017)

After the Vera Sidika vs Khaligraph Jones scandal, it looks like Vera might be up for another scandal. She has recently been called out on social media to turn over one of her employees who was accused of allegedly hitting a lady in the CBD while he was driving Vera’s Range Rover.

The lady who was hit goes by the name Khayaki Mahero. She posted this on social media:

Miss Vera Sidika, please turn in your driver or whoever was driving your car that hit me yesterday evening as he was DRIVING DOWN A PEDESTRIAN PAVEMENT on Kimathi Street.
Short, dark, stout, shiny bald-headed man with a broad nose, a gap between his upper front teeth in a white shirt and enough arrogance to fuel the SGR train. #RoadHogAlert

She also attatched this photo:

Here is a side by side comparison of the photo of the Range Rover and the one Vera shared. You can tell the number plates are identical.

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