Victoria Kimani Looking Extra Yummy In These Newly Released Photos

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2016)

Kenyan singer and Chocolate City artist has set her Instagram profile on fire after she released these hot photos from her recent photoshoot. She has just released her first studio album called Safari.

In a recent interview she said this:

My album is called Safari which is Swahili for a journey or to travel. Musically, ascetically, fashion wise and sound wise, they are all in sync with my life experiences through travel. I found myself on Safari. The project literally sums up my life…

This is my first album ever, and I’m so hyped about it. I needed people to understand the type of artist I am, so I released several singles in several different regions that ended up being hits.

Check out the photos

victoria-kimani-safari-1 victoria-kimani-safari-2 victoria-kimani-safari-3 victoria-kimani-safari-4 14279061_1782066722034716_847120783_n 14280555_1690264544626603_1857341080_n 14280560_1770907023184910_1509051395_n 14310740_303631536665538_1150886435_n 14350485_189513551459542_1397975748_n

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