Vitimbi Actress Speaks About Her Brutal Beating By Goons

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2017)

Vitimbi actress turned politician Nyasuguta recently received brutal beatings from various goons while she was campaigning at Mukuru Kwa Reuben for an Embakasi South parliamentary seat.

She suffered injuries to her neck, ribs and even had breathing problems. She has been assessed by the doctors multiple times to see if she has internal bleeding.

Here are photos of her injuries.

She then released this statement afterwards:

“Three men attacked me as one of them kept watch. They punched my face and hit me with a wooden rod on my neck and back. I kept telling them, take the money I had but they did not steal anything from me. One of them even told me, ‘Hatuna njaa ya pesa.’ They later told me that ‘Embakasi iko na wenyewe’.

At first I was so scared and I even wanted to call it quits, but my supporters in Embakasi have told me to continue soldiering on. They have my back. The sabotage has gotten so bad to the point where I find my car had been vandalised when I would go to check on the various projects I’m working on at the constituencies. Nowadays I just use a taxi

I have learnt that security is important. Always walk in a group. When someone calls you at night for a meeting, don’t go, it could be a trap set by your opponents. Also don’t trust anyone because the people you know are the ones used to lure you into a trap.

I have forgiven those goons and the master who sent them. All I want to have is a peaceful campaign and let the people decide”