“Wakianika Tunafunika” Is The Most Hilarious Trend On The Internet

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

Once again self proclaimed boy child protector, Cyprian Nyakundi has come up with a new trend on the internet to protect the boy child. This time round its censoring photos of women that they deem to be a thirst trap. He posted:

Internet users on Twitter, have “fixed” Jill Kui for showing too much skin in one of her photos.

Desperate bitches, hungry for likes and RT’s normally resort to showing their bodies, because they know that men are visual creatures.

But 2018 seems like the year men have said no to thirst-traps. And indeed, Jill Kui has been used as an example.

See how our army of followers edited her photo, to conform with aspirations of decent engagement.

Men should also resist the urge to drool at women you will never bang. Stop retweeting or liking their shit. Make them irrelevant.

He then added:

Wakianika, tunafunika. 2018 we won’t fall for thirst-traps. There’s no for liking pics of women we may never have a chance to dish. By Order:

Here are some photos his followers posted: