Watch How Eric Omondi Utilizes A Mega Opportunity To Perform On Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2017)

Kenya’s top comedian Eric Omondi is out in the United States for a show in Las Vegas but first made a stop in New York to attend the very popular show called The Tonight Show hosted by American comedian Jimmy Fallon.

Eric decided to dress in an outfit that made him really stand out, the Kenyan running kit used by athletes. Jimmy Fallon noticed him and came to talk to him. Not only that, he was given a chance to take the stage and say something. Eric did not waste the opportunity. He thought of a couple of jokes and made the crowd burst with laughter. Just watch this


One thing we can all learn from this is always be ready for that opportunity that you have been asking for. It may come when you least expect.

Congratulations Eric!!!!