Watermelon Farming In Kenya

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2014)

South Carolina State Farmer's Market

Farming is Kenya’s economic backbone as it is the biggest foreign exchange earner. Kenya’s highest earning crops are tea, coffee and flowers. If you have a piece of land and wanted to venture into farming, watermelon farming might be a good option.

With just as little as sh20,000 you can start off your watermelon farm on you half an acre or one acre piece of land. The watermelon takes 75 days to mature. In a 1 acre piece of land you can harvest around 14 tonnes. You can sell them at around sh20 per kilo or higher depending on your market. The production cost can be as high as sh60,000. You can make around sh200,000 or higher from the one acre of watermelons.

The main challenge can be finding a good market since without a market your produce will rot. Watermelons should not be grown in cold places but should be grown in wet coastal areas, dry eastern plains and hilly midlands.

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