What Capital FM’s Amina Thinks Of Her Husband’s Wealth

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2015)


Capital FM’s Amina is married to Homeboyz Dj John and the two are very successful thanks to their hardworking nature. Tumi’s mom decided to tell of people who were constantly looking into their relationship plus she also tried to motivate women who are in a relationship.

Here is what she thinks about money in their relationship.

People ask me why I work so hard and my man is stable, 2 things

1) it’s none of your business

2) that’s because what he’s built is his (&Tumi’s) Being a mum & wife shouldn’t slow you down – it should motivate you to work harder…I started Coke Studio Season 2 two weeks after giving birth. Call me crazy but am just a hustler. Hosted the first event when Tumi was a month. Landed a TV show & social media gig days after that. You make it work and build your own empire. You should challenge each other with bae and work harder si ati now he does everything and your work is booking spa appointments because your now a mum….don’t make EXCUSES. Work. However it’s very VERY important to spend time with the Fam, don’t compromise on that. Find a balance. Shout out to the mums and wives balancing it all, it’s not easy but we are trying. Single mums/ dads playing both roles may God bless you so freaking much #Womenempoweringwomen #Mogulinthemaking