Whitney Scott Mathers – Facts About Eminem’s Daughter You Didn’t Know

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2021)

Marshall Bruce Mathers III popularly known as Eminem has always been open about his private life and all the drama that goes on. He shares the details through his songs and some of them have been mega hits which are still loved by fans now.

Eminem is a father to three daughters even through he mostly sings about his first born daughter, Hailie Jade. His daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers is rarely seen in the public eye and most people don’t really know that she exists.

Here are some facts about Whitney Scott Mathers

1.Eminem Is Not Her Real Dad

Eminem currently has full custody over Whitney but he is not her biological father. However, she is the daughter to his ex-wife Kim who is also the biological mother to Hailie. She had a brief relationship with a guy named Eric Hatter and together they had Whitney.


2. Her Biological Dad Has Problem With Law

Hatter is an ex-convict and has faced a number of drug charges. His mother, Mary, tried to sue for visitation rights of his daughter on his behalf but this action bore no fruits.


3. She was born on April 16th 2002.


4. She has Two Sisters Who Are Not Fully Sisters

Whitney has two sisters named Haile and Amanda Scott who are all under Eminem’s custody. However, Amanda is the daughter to Kim Scott’s twin sister, Dawn in 1993. This essentially makes her her cousin since Dawn is her aunt. Eminem adopted Amanda around the same time he adopted Whitney. Her other sister is Haile who is also her cousin biologically.


5. Her aunt Dawn passed away in January 2016 in her Warren, Michigan home due to heroin overdose. She had years of substance abuse which made her lose custody of her three kids.

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