Why Avril Isn’t Married Yet To Her South African Boyfriend

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2015)


Kenyan musician and actress Avril got engaged to her South African boyfriend many months ago and so far we havn’t heard any wedding plans. Why is this?

Well during an interview on Citizen FM’s Mambo Mseto she revealed that currently they are involved with the process of introducing her family with her boyfriend’s.  She also disclosed her wedding will be done in 2016.

This is what Avril said:

“Most of the time, a wedding ceremony is done for the parents. Once the two families meet and introductions are done, then we can be given the green light to wed,”

“If you are a parent, and your child reaches that age she should settle down, and she’s identified the person she’d love to spend the rest of her life with, you’ll have to conduct background check on the partner she’s chosen,”.

“For my case, there are still some background checks being done,”

When asked what she will do if her parents find her fiance unfit for their daughter, Avril replied, “I will take some time to try and talk over things with them because at the end of the day, marriage will be between him and I.”

“If they (parents) are not impressed with my choice, I will just have to force them to,”



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