Why Bahati Is Giving Out Ksh60,000 Every Week

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2015)


Gospel musician Bahati is totally on high demand by corporates. Now the most profitable company in Kenya has sort his services through a huge endorsement deal. We all know that Safaricom pays SO WELL when it comes to endorsement deals.

Bahati is now the Safaricom Facebook Ambassador and will be promoting the brand through his social media pages. Each week Safaricom will be giving him Ksh60,000 to dish out to his fans. This kid is banking some serious cash.

bahati safaricom

This is what he said about it:


If there’s One thing I have always believed is God has given me One of the Most Loyal Fans & that’s why I have always Called You My Family instead. It has Not Been an easy Journey; With Difficulties, Fights ,Good and Bad times. But am always humbled when I remember 3 yrs ago when God put you in my Life. Until Today you’ve been here to witness, to Pray with me, to Support me in my Low and Happy Times. And in the same way you Have put me in your Hearts may God Love and Reward you in the Same Measure. Your Love & Support has Been heard by the World and Now BAHATI has been Endorsed as ‪#‎SAFARICOM_FACEBOOK_AMBASSADOR . This is not all about me but The Love you’ve been showing to make the BAHATI TENA I am today. In a Span of Three(3) Years; God has used you to give me Top Awards of this Country. Voting… Requesting .. Supporting My Music.. Yaanii Vitu tuu Kibaoo… And Because I have to Share this Joy with you my Family. From Monday I’ll be giving away 60,000 Worth Airtime Courtesy of SAFARICOM Every Week. Share with Other TEAM BAHATI to like our Page. It will be 1000 Worth Airtime Person. I believe Our Journey just Began. YAANI NAWAPENDA SANA WATU WANGU. Team Bahati Help me Thank God by HITTING LIKE

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