Why Betty Kyallo Isn’t Afraid Of Vera Sidika’s New Beauty Parlor

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

For the longest time, Betty Kyallo has owned the most famous high end beauty parlors in Nairobi which are frequented by celebrities. First there was Posh Palace which she reportedly co-owned with Susan Kaittany but the two parted ways. Flair By Betty was the second brand under her name which was a solo venture.

A new giant rival joined the market recently by the name Vera Sidika Parlor owned by one of the most popular internet celebrities in Kenya by the name Vera Sidika. Many were quick to insinuate that this new venture would run Betty Kyallo out of business but Betty came out to defend her business since the market is big enough for them.

She posted:

“Thank you so much, but I guess people might prefer this or the other salon and it is okay. Us here at Flair by Betty we are happy. We are treating our client’s right and that’s what matters. We are glad that we are busy and that’s what matters.”