Why DJ Creme Was Slapped And Choked While Working At A Night Club

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2018)

Dj Creme De La Creme’s weekend started out with some drama after he was physically assaulted by the Kilifi OCS, Mr Konchole for allegedly refusing to pay a bribe.

Creme shared the CCTV footage on his Instagram account of him being attacked while in the DJ booth. Afterwards the OCS went away with his laptop. He captioned the video with:

So Last Night was everything Lit until The OCS Kilifi, Mr Konchole Jumped over the Dj Booth at around 4AM chocked me ,before Slapping me A Goodone .😩😩😩 The guy went ahead and unplugged the Laptop before leaving with it .
You can’t come into my work place , and assault me just because you didn’t get that bribe money that you are used to.
You kept on talking about Noise levels, but is that enough justification for you to Beat and Harass the people that you did last night ?Mr Konchole , whatever your reason was..this is Low , and outright Wrong and the same law that you pretend to enforce will catch up with you .. Now can this CCTV footage get to Mr Boinnet
Thank You 🙏



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