Why I Fired Betty Kyallo From Posh Palace – Susan Kaittany Speaks Out

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2018)

Susan Kaittany was the main person behind the luxury salon brand known as Posh Palace while Betty Kyallo brought in the publicity due to her fame. However, their perfect business relationship came to an end after a dispute emerged between them that led to Betty calling the police on Susan. Betty now runs her own luxury salon called Flair By Betty which rivals Posh Palace.

During an interview with The Star, Susan Kaittany spoke about her business relationship with Betty and had this to say:

“From my background of modelling, dressing up, getting your make-up done over and over again. This never really leaves you. Even when I was in campus when we would go out, my friends would come and I would flat iron their hair, do their make-up, so yeah, I have done it with my own hands.

“I felt the need to make people beautiful and happy. So, Posh Palace for me was, I wanted to do a business that everyone else has done, but I wanted to do it differently.

I met Betty Kyallo when she was getting married. It was a celebrity wedding. Thereafter we sponsored the wedding, we sponsored the honeymoon to Dubai and Mauritius and after that we became friends.

And of course having done the influencer marketing with her for our events and travel company, I really wanted them to be happy. I knew that if Kenyans saw them happy then definitely it would reflect very well on our company. And that is exactly what happened.

So I thought the same kind of marketing would work for Posh Palace. And that is why I brought her on board. Along the way, it did not work out, unfortunately.”

However, this move was not bringing in money to the business,

I think influencer marketing should remain influencer marketing. It is one thing to do influencer marketing and it is another to actually give somebody shares and them bring them in as a partner.

This then promoted Susan to ask Betty to raise Ksh20 million to match her 50% shares in the ownership of the company.

I gave her that opportunity but of course, the thing about influencer is they are not used to having to give capital for anything or pay for anything. When you sink Ksh40 million into a business, really, it cannot amount to influencer marketing.

Then in that case, I can afford to pay an influencer marketer Sh200,000 per month for that service, if you compare it to the value of the business. So, that is why in the long run it just could not work.”

Betty went ahead to start her own high end salon called Flair plus poached 70% of Susan’s staff hence destabilizing Posh Palace forcing it to close down.

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