“I Will Leave Diamond When I Want,” Zari Responds to Social Media Pressure

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2018)

It is a widely known fact that Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have recently had some mega problems in their relationship after the Tanzanian singer publicly confessed to cheating with Hamisa Mobetto which led to the two of them having a son.

Ever since that saga, the couple seem strong together and have been consistently posting photos of the two of them together in different parts of Africa.

Zari’s fans have been consistently urging her to dump him but Zari is having none of it. She even went ahead to blast one of her fans in the comment section. He wrote: “Zari please don’t trust Diamond, just be smart with everything you’re doing with him. Hope you understand my point. When you’re done like the classy lady you are, dump him and move on to someone that deserves you.”

Zari decided to respond with this statement: “I appreciate your concern but can I be left in peace. I don’t need social media relationship counselors telling me what or not what to do. This sh*t is so 2017, am on a new chapter in my life and when I PERSONALLY feel the need to leave him I will based on a PERSONAL decision, not SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCE. Ayt,”

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