Willy Paul Celebrates His New Endorsement Deal

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2015)

willy paul msafi

Willy Paul recently got a huge endorsement deal with Safari Pride Water and it is worth millions. He took to Facebook to express his happiness and gratitude to God for the huge step up from the life in the slums to where he is today. He is now the face of Safari Pride Water in East Africa and soon you will start seeing him on billboards.

willy paul endorsement

This is what Willy had to say: God has done it again.. The talent He put in me and favor can now be seen.. From grass to grace is my current situation. Just months and few days ago tam tam and mamangu song received international recognition and are still receiving massive air play.. I have been endorsed by a very big water campany and am now there new face in the whole of East Africa. Billboards with my pictures will be all over… Just as you can see in the photo am already branded on the plastic bottles.. This is a very big step for me as willy paul msafi the water is called SAFARI PRIDE WATER and its the best. God is not choosyyyyyy am from mathare but now my life has changed coz of him.. Thank you to everybody… All tht lovee and all tht dont… Words cnt explain my joy. The water will be available everywhere from next week.