Willy Paul Expresses His Sadness After Visiting His Dad’s Grave

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2017)

Willy Paul lost his father back in 2011 just when his music career was sprouting. His late dad never got the chance to see the mega-success he turned out to be. Yesterday he went to visit him at his grave and shared this message with his fans:

7 yrs down the line and i still cant get you out of my mind dad… today i went to visit my dad’s grave after 7yrs… i wish he was alive to see what the Lord has done in my life.. i wish he was alive to enjoy my success with me… it pains and breaks my heart equally whenever i think of my late Father.. PAUL RADIDO.. papa.. you will always have a place in my heart.

Willy Paul’s father was half Tanzanian and half Kenyan. He was a carpenter by profession

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