Willy Paul Gives Back To Society. Photos Of Him In Mathare

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2014)


Willy Paul is one of the biggest successes out of the ghetto of Mathare where he grew up to be one of the top musicians in Kenya. At a very young age the gospel musician has done huge hit songs like ‘Kitanzi’, ‘Kwa Vile’ and many others. His recent tour in USA helped him a lot of money since he did quite a number of concerts.

Recently Willy Paul was at Mathare North Primary School where he paid fees for a whole year for various pupils. Check out the photos.

Willy_Paul_charity_1 Willy_Paul_charity_2 Willy_Paul_charity_3 Willy_Paul_charity_4 Willy_Paul_charity_5 Willy_Paul_charity_6

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