18 Witty Comebacks When People Call You Short (Short People)

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2021)

We are all born different. Some of us are tall and others are short. However, being short sometimes gives you a target on your back for some people to make fun of you. Some can just be playful teasing while others can be downright rude or bullying. Below are some witty comebacks (responses) you can say when someone calls you short:


1. We have the same length of intestines though


2. God only lets things grow until they are perfect, some of us didn’t take as long as others


3. There’s a reason that giraffes aren’t the king of the jungle.


4. Yeah, and what’s the weather like up there?


5. I am just concentrated awesomeness


6. You call it short, but I call it down-to-earth


7. Thanks! I hadn’t noticed


8. Yea, I’m the perfect height to slip through your girl’s legs.

9. I’m glad you are tall, it gives me more of you to dislike


10. I’m still taller than your IQ


11. Sorry, couldn’t hear you from down here


12. And you resemble a pole


13. Shouldn’t you be watching out for low-flying objects?


14. You’re so observant, would you like me to pat you on your back?


15. You’re right, I am short. If I had a badge for observation I’d give it to you.


16. Yep, that’s one of the reasons why I’m so popular.


17. Do you struggle to keep comments to yourself?


18. Would it surprise you to know you’re not the first person to ever tell me that?