Woman Beaten By UNEP Husband With Diplomatic Immunity (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2015)


Stories about a certain woman who has been beaten by her husband who has diplomatic immunity have recently lit Kenyan social media and even featured on Classic 105 morning show by Maina Kageni.

Ruth Gakii is the 26 year old woman who was allegedly beaten by her husband Alphonse Kambu and left with horrific injuries. She says he has diplomatic immunity so he cannot be arrested plus he works for UNEP. The couple broke up around 2 weeks ago and is living with her son in Jacaranda Estate in Nairobi.

Social media user by the name Diana Okello had this to say:

“The man in this photo is known as Alphonse Kambu .on Sunday he brutally assaulted his wife leaving her looking like the below photo ….this has been going on for sometime . Alphonse is an employee of UNEP and has told the victim that he enjoys immunity and cannot be arrested ..true to his word his wife reported at kiamumbi police station and days later he is still a free man . This man has issued threats severally to his wife . Has refused to heed court orders on child custody issued by the milimani court . I’ve seen and spoken to the lady who is badly injured from his kicks and blows and now must face a scan and MRi coz docs suspect internal bleeding . The Era of immunity when domestic violence occurs must stop this is a criminal that belongs to jail and we demand his arrest with immediate effect or it will not be business as usual”


Here is the lady in hospital

alphonse1 alphonse2 alphonse3 alphonse4 alphonse5 alphonse6


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