Zari Got Her Curves Back Just Weeks After Giving Birth

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2015)

Diamond Platnumz’s girlfriend is a very determined lady. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl just a few weeks back and straight away went to working out to lose the baby fat. Well all that work is paying off and she is back to her great body.

Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-1 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-2 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-3 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-4 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-5 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-6 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-7 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-8 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-9 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-10 Zari-Hassan-after-Tiffas-birth-11

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