Zari and Hamisa Mobetto Exchange Harsh Words Over Diamond’s Child Support Case

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

Two of Diamond Platnumz’s baby mamas are at each other throats on social media and have exchanged harsh words online. The two were fighting about Hamisa’s case against Diamond whereby she is demanding child support payments for her son.

Hamisa had demanded a monthly upkeep of around Ksh230,000 but Diamond contested the amount claiming it was too high and could not afford it. We are all aware Diamond charges over Ksh4 million per show he does outside his home country, Tanzania, and he has bagged several multi-million endorsement deals from big companies like Vodacom, Danub and the latest being Belaire.

Zari took to Snapchat blasting Hamisa for pursuing child support money. She said:

“It’s the same way that he’s gonna take you out…Me Im gonna ask for child support from you…from who..Me Zari, I will walk away with all my dignity, They are your kids why does the b**** have to fight for child support, he is your child go and support him…If you don’t support your kids, it’s fine, nigga move, let the next nigger take over,”

Hamisa then responded by saying:

“Some woman who had to claim her dead husband was still alive because she needed enough time to flex for what to use to bring her children up, is not ashamed to call another a b***** and tell her to wait for the next man to take up the responsibility?

Zari did not stop there, she added:

“B**** they are your children, why fight for child support, go look after them, or wait for the next guy to take over!That’s the same confidence you used to call someone barren. You seem not to have learnt from your own experience. Let me hope you will stand the test of time. The world is watching.”