Zari Hassan Proves Diamond Is The Father Of Her Baby Girl

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2016)


Ever since Princess Tiffah was born, Zari has faced backlash from various people claiming that she got pregnant with her ex-husband instead of the Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz.

Yesterday on Twitter she shut down all the haters with a single tweet and photo where she stated Diamond is the true dad of Tiffah. Here is what she said: His DNA is written all over Her face especially the lips. Now rest your ‘unexisting case’ & let my child be. 

The two have also done a DNA test in Tanzania which confirms Diamond as the father of the child. He said this after the DNA test: Tifah is my daughter, completely! I am extremely overjoyed by the results (DNA). That’s why I am now freer, happier and having a good time. When you happen to visit my office, you will notice I have hung framed photos of Tifah everywhere. I am not worried at all. I can now courageously face my critics

This is the photo Zari shared. The two look exactly the same, you dont need a DNA test.


12531020_466515810212637_476799560_n diamond and tiffah