Zari Proves She Is Not Just An Idler At Ivan’s College In South Africa

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2017)


Majority of the time, Zari is usually in South Africa and not in Tanzania where Diamond lives or Uganda, her native home. She was given her late ex-husband’s college in South Africa to manage during the the division of his assets.

Brooklyn City College is located in Johannesburg. Zari has posted a number of photos of herself while in the office at the college which has led to a some people claiming she is just an idler and a poster girl for publicity at the college.

These statements irritated Zari which led to her responding to all the claims. She stated that she takes the selfies right before she starts her work or after finishing work. “Ati what time do you work while you always taking pics….. shortly before i start or right after am done…. learn to prioritise. Just because I post them during the day doesn’t mean I spend the whole day taking them. This was before my reception staff got here 7.10am. Washamba nyinyi😂🤣🤣… you gon learn!!!! 👡,” wrote Zari.

She also added that she has hired people with great experience in their work so she doesn’t have to be there for the day to day running of the business, When you hire those with great experience your business will never have to suffer. That’s why I can go on vacation anytime because I have a great team that I can rely on.”

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