Zari Reveals What Is Keeping Her From Marrying Diamond Platnumz

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2017)

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have been together for quite a number of years. They are currently the biggest celebrity couple in East Africa. Together they have two kids, a boy and a girl.

However, the couple have never gotten married to each other. They do want to formalize their union but there are some complexities that they need to iron out.

Zari wants her wedding to be the biggest and most expensive affair in East Africa but she will only do this after some further economic investments. She wants that they first build for their children apartments which will help them in future even if they won’t be around.

Diamond Platnumz practices Islam and according to their moral teachings, it is wrong to sire children out of wedlock. Here is an explanation from Sheikh Salum:

Islamic teachings say conceiving or siring children out of wedlock is a sin. Therefore Diamond’s habit of siring children with Zari, without being in a formal union, is wrong. Human beings, unlike animals, are expected to sire or conceive children only after exchanging vows in a ceremony officiated by a religious leader. Otherwise, we would be committing a sin.

He also added that Diamond and Zari’s kids risk losing their inheritance if the two would not formalize their relationship according to Islamic culture.

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