Zari Shares Some Amazing Photos Together With Late Ex-Husband When They Were Broke

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Zari has been thinking about her late ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga this past couple of days since it was the anniversary of his tragic death. We have always known the two to be among the richest celebrities in East Africa ever since their names shot into fame. The two met each other when they were still broke regular people hustling in life and together ended up building a multimillion empire in Uganda and South Africa. Currently Zari runs Brooklyn City College in South Africa which used to be owned by Ivan when he was alive.

Zari shared a detailed post of the things Ivan did for her when they were a young couple still struggling to make it in life. She posted:

Pale unaposkia pesa za urithi… apo vipi. Success isnt sexually transmitted my dear. Endeleeni kudanga thinking some rich guy will knock you off your feet and success will happen over night. Even if he did you will be like part of the furniture he has a right to take out old ones and bring in new ones, as for me its not easy to get rid of me. IAM THE FOUNDATION not the roof…haha. anyway we are commemorating Ivans one year since his passing and i thought I’d motivate someone out there with these old images. Dont downlook broke guys, God is for all, tables turn! Poor thing worked day and night to get me this car at 22 because he saw the woman in me. And yes, it didnt work out no matter how much i tried, Started from the bottom, right! Rest his soul in peace!