Zuku To Raise Home Internet Speeds To More Than Double

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2014)


Wananchi Group, which runs their brand Zuku, is planning on raising its internet speeds from 20mbps to 50 mbps (megabytes per second). This is due to the high competition the company is facing from other brands such as Jamii Telecom’s Faiba which has internet speeds of up to 100mbps for its home internet customers.

Kenya currently has 13.1 million subscribers but the number of those connected to broadband (high bandwidth internet) at home is just around 1.4 million. The growth is very slow since the figure has only gone up by 2.6% in the past three months.  This is because the companies offering broadband internet in Kenya are not very aggressive to expand into other different areas and are more focused in one region.

Wananchi Group controls the market share with a figure of 45.8 per cent (44,254 users), Liquid Telecom follows with 15.8 per cent (15,290 users), Access Kenya 11.8 per cent (11,360 users) and Telkom Kenya 11.7 per cent (11,279 users).

Zuku’s upgrade will start in areas such as Runda, Spring Valley and Karen. The rest of the customers may get it by August.

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