Akothee Seeks Divine Intervention As Child Custody Battle With Mzungu Baby Daddy Heats Up

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2018)

Akothee and one of her baby daddies are in a custody battle on who should get to stay with their son 8 year old Oyoo. Oyoo’s father Markus filed the case under matter of urgency and argues that his son is living with cohabitants unknown to him.

Akothee has recently opened up how Markus has not been a great father to the boy over they years giving examples of times he wasn’t there for the boy. She is now seeking divine intervention in the whole matter and is asking for prayers from her fans

“Good morning my lovely birds , please remember me & my family in your prayers this morning God bless you , God I know it’s you so why should I worry ? The children belongs to a mother & God you know it , that’s why you planted the seed into a woman for you know we are patient and loving , I won’t fight nor defend ! I wont give any lies as a testimony ! If I lost my life during the time I was giving birth ! The story and drama would have been a different thing , I will listen to your command in Jesus name,” wrote Akothee.